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Hello World

website maintenance introductions

Hi there! I’ve decided to break ground on a new website for myself that’s more under my control and at my own domain.

I’m moving away from my old site josephcarrano.wordpress.com and casting it into the abandoned graveyard. In recent years, I’ve been loath to create new posts not only because I’m lazy but also because I hate the thought of publishing content to URLs that could easily break.

Despite this worry, I won’t be migrating content at the moment or setting up redirects because I don’t feel like paying WordPress for the redirect service and it’s simple enough to leave it there neglected as it has been for the last few years. I’m mainly leaving it up in the interest of preventing link rot on the few posts that people found useful. If you want to check out the posts there, they should remain as long as wordpress.com remains free and functioning online. Maybe I’ll reconsider this later.

Anyway, I’m hoping to post a little bit more now. As much as once or twice a year even! And if you’re interested, you’ll find that content here.